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2017 Scholarships

Miss Greater NYC  |  $1,000

Miss Manhattan  |  $1,000

Miss Cosmopolitan  |  $1,000

1st Runner Up  |  $500

2nd Runner UP  |  $250

YG Studios Top Fitness Award  |  $100

Pageantry Magazine Top Talent Award  |  $100

Top Interview Award  |  $100

Top Evening Wear Award  |  $100

AMDA In-Kind Tution Scholarship, awarded to the top talent winner  |  $5000

Projected 2018 Scholarships*

Miss Greater NYC  |  $1,000

Miss Manhattan  |  $1,000

Miss Cosmopolitan  |  $1,000

1st Runner Up  |  $500

2nd Runner UP  |  $250

Top Miss Fitness Award  |  $100

Top Miss Talent Award  |  $100

Top Miss Interview Award  |  $100

Top Miss Evening Wear Award  |  $100

Miss Greater NYC Outstanding Teen |  $500

Miss Manhattan Outstanding Teen |  $500

Miss Cosmopolitan Outstanding Teen  |  $500

Teen 1st Runner Up  |  $300

 Teen 2nd Runner UP  |  $150

Top Teen Fitness Award  |  $100

Top Teen Talent Award  |  $100

Top Teen Interview Award  |  $100

Top Teen Evening Wear Award  |  $100


If you would like to sponsor one or more of these awards, visit our Sponsors page for more information!

*These are scholarship goals. Final scholarship award amounts will depend on sponsors and the number of contestants competing.


How scholarship are awarded and disbursed?

The winner’s of our scholarships are generally chosen by the judges, though there are exceptions. All of the above listed awards are based on the scores provided by our distinguished judges panel. Other awards, including community service scholarships, arts education advocacy scholarships, miss congeniality and people’s choice awards are chosen by either the contestants themselves, the public, or special committees put together by the sponsor of the award.

Regardless of the origin of the scholarships, the distribution of all funds are dictated by strict Miss America rules and can only be used for the following expenses:

  • Current Academic Expenses, such as tuition and fees
  • Payments on Student Loans in the case that the winner has finished their education requirements and graduated.
  • Reimbursement for required course materials (ie. textbooks) with provision of the course syllabus.

Money is never given as a cash award and can only be released directly to an accredited institution of higher learning or loan agency. Money is held in an account with the local organization under the winner’s name for 1 year from the date the money is awarded. Scholarships not used by that point are returned to the general scholarship fund to be awarded in the next year’s competition. For Teen winner’s who are not yet enrolled in college, their scholarships are held until they graduate high school, at which point their award is available for use.

If you have any additional questions about our scholarships, where they come from and how they are awarded, please email us!

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