The Miss Program

Welcome to the Miss program! If you are looking for more information about becoming a contestant or learning more about us, you have come to the right place!

What is it & Who are we?

Every modern Miss America started on a local stage, competing for the opportunity to represent her community at the State pageant and win the National crown. The Miss Greater NYC Pageant is one of hundreds of local competitions across the United States but we believe our titleholders have a special roll, as they represent the most populous city in our country. Even the contestants who do not go home with a crown have networking and personal growth opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.

As a non-profit organization the helps empower women through scholarship and community service, we have striven to create a multi-faceted organization with many different ways to earn money for school. There are traditional cash scholarships awarded to winners and high-scoring contestants as well as in-kind tuition scholarships to New York City Schools. The Build Your Own Scholarship program and the People’s Choice award allow you to earn virtually limitless cash scholarships, regardless of the results on pageant night, by tapping into your marketing skills and resources.

In addition to being the World’s largest provider of scholarship assistance to women, the Miss America Program is a launching pad for successful careers in virtually every field. Contestants and Titleholders will have opportunities for professional networking and skill-building that are entirely unique to our program. Whether you choose to pursue a career in theater, journalism, architecture or healthcare, you will learn valuable skills that make you an extraordinary asset.

What else? How about the amazing, life-long friendships that this program fosters? It may sound cheesy if you have never been a contestant in a MAO program before, but it is true! People often imagine the dressing rooms and backstage areas to be a war-zone fueled by glitter and hairspray. Sorry to disappoint the critiques, but all you will find here are inspiring, generous and intelligent women who help each other climb the ladder of success. You can call us your pageant family.

What do you have to do?

There are really two parts to this process: The job interview and the job.

The Interview

The pageant and the rehearsals leading up to it are a bit like a group job interview. As a contestant you will compete in 5 different phases of competition, including the Private Interview (25%), Talent (30%), Evening wear (15%), Lifestyle and fitness in swimsuit (10%), and On-stage interview (20%). You can find a more detailed breakdown of the phases of competition here. At the end of the day, the highest scoring contestants will get the job and begin their work as titleholders, community servants, and representatives of the Downstate Area at the Miss New York Pageant.

The Job

Our winners (Titleholders) will begin a whirlwind journey as they prepare for the State Competition and serve their communities. Every contestant and titleholder has their own platform of community service. This can be an organization, social movement, or even an idea. Throughout their year of service, Titleholders will volunteer with programs related to their platform, visit classrooms, help at golf tournaments and auctions for charity, and work with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the official Miss America Platform. In addition to their philanthropic work, titleholders will help grow our organization through sponsor procurement and promotion.

Cost to Enter

There is no application fee or registration fee or any other kind of fee! The only financial “must” is an obligation to raise $100 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. After that, your budget for wardrobe, hair, makeup, photos, and everything else is up to you. Many contestants will borrow gowns, swimsuits, or interview outfits from friends or other contestants. Some of the more ambitious and marketing-savvy women will appeal to local businesses for personal sponsorships. This is a scholarship organization and the goal is to win more scholarship money than you spend on the pageant; a truly logical and absolutely possible strategy.

Eligibility Requirements

Character Requirements

If all of the following is true, then you are eligible to compete in the Miss Greater NYC Program:

  • I meet the age requirements
  • I meet the residency requirements
  • I am and always have been a woman
  • I am not currently pregnant and will not become pregnant during my year of service
  • I am not currently a parent or legal guardian and will not become a parent or legal guardian during my year of service
  • I am not currently and never have been married
  • I have never been convicted of any crime greater than a misdemeanor

Age Requirements

  • If you are 16 you will be 17 by December 10, 2017. In this case you must also be a graduating senior/GED recipient for the 2017-18 school year
  • You will be no older than 24 by December 31st, 2018.
  • If you will be 17 years old by February 1st, 2018 and are a High School Junior/Non-Graduate for the 2017/18 School Year you may be eligible for our Outstanding Teen Program
  • If you will be 18 years old and a Junior in High School/Non-Graduate of the 2017/18 school year, you are ineligible to compete this year.

Residency  Requirements

The Miss Greater NYC and Miss Cosmopolitan* titles are open to the 5 Boroughs, Long Island, or the Lower Hudson Valley (Orange, Rockland, Putnam, and Westchester Counties). The Miss Manhattan title is only open to contestants who live, work, or go to school on Manhattan. At least one of the following must be true and verifiable*

  • I currently live and have lived in a qualifying area for at least 6 months prior to the local pageant.
  • I currently work and have worked full time* in a qualifying area for at least 6 months prior to the local pageant.
  • I am currently enrolled in school and have been enrolled in school full time* in a qualifying area for at least 6 months prior to the local pageant.

*Awarding the Miss Cosmopolitan title is dependent on the financial ability to do so. If the title is announced but contestant interest is light the Miss Cosmopolitan  title may be opened State-Wide

*Acceptable forms of verification: government issued ID, signed lease, utility bill, tax return, letter of employment, official proof of enrollment. All forms of proof must have your name on them.

*Full time work is considered at least 30 hours per week. Full time enrollment is considered complete attendance in elementary/middle/high school or full-time home school. College attendance must be on campus (online courses do not qualify) and must meet the schools guidelines for “full-time enrollment.”


Click here for our 2018 application!

If you have more questions, email the director!

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