Miss Cosmopolitan 2017

Emma Silen


Age: 22

Talent: Monologue

School: Ithaca College

Platform: Safe Spaces, Strong Teams

Future Plans: To become the creative director of an advertising agency and win a Cannes Lion

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Emma is a graduate of Ithaca College, where she received her degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. In her time at Ithaca College, she was the president of Ithaca College Democrats, the VP of Marketing and Events for Ithaca College Students Consulting for Non Profit Organizations, and the Communications Chair of Athlete Ally. She was also a DJ on VIC radio, wrote and acted on ICTV, and was a member of IC Stand Up.
Since graduating, Emma has fulfilled her childhood dream of working in advertising in New York City (her other childhood dream was to be a congress woman/rockstar so pageantry is as close as she can get right now). When she’s not pretending to be Peggy Olson, she enjoys exploring the city in her search for the perfect burrito and meeting puppies.
During her year of service, Emma is looking forward to educating students and community leaders about her platform, Safe Spaces Strong Teams. By partnering with Athlete Ally, Emma hopes to spread a message of tolerance and respect while creating inclusive communities for students of all ages. She is excited to partner with her Outstanding Teen, Emily, and Princess, Gia, to encourage others to become more involved in community service and advocacy.

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